Jacob Garcia Sanchez

Jacob Garcia Sanchez photo
Hometown: Winston Salem, NC
Major: Electrical Engineering

Hello, my name is Jacob Sanchez, I’m currently working towards my bachelors in electrical engineering and a minor in business. My hometown is Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am part of the 2019 cohort and am expected to graduate in the year 2023. My partnership this year is with Camino Community Center where I assist with the acceptance of new patients into the clinic and work with the food pantry. In the future I have hopes of being a business owner alongside my job as an electrical engineer. The Bonners program can help me reach these goals by opening doors and presenting opportunities to grow in my leadership abilities.  I chose to join this program because the community involvement that I obtain from this partnership can be very beneficial in helping me grow as a person. I am interested in looking into other community partners to expand my understanding of what goes on around in my community. What opportunities do you look forward to and why?